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Tooth-Colored Fillings: Invisible Cavity Repair

Man with healthy smileFor decades, fillings have been the go-to treatment for repairing small cavities and slightly damaged teeth. Traditionally, they were made of a material called amalgam. This consists of a few different metals mixed together, and it provide a very strong and durable restoration. However, it does have some drawbacks.

Amalgam fillings leave a very obvious gray mark on the teeth, which causes some people to feel very self-conscious about them. Also, because it is metal, the material actually expands and contacts depending on the temperature, which over time, can actually cause a tooth to crack.

This is why Parkfield Family Dental only uses composite resin-based tooth-colored fillings. As their name indicates, they can be specially shaded to perfectly blend with a patient’s enamel, enabling us to repair the smile without affecting its appearance. They are just as strong and durable as traditional fillings, but because they are metal-free, they aren’t sensitive to temperature changes. In the end, you get a tooth that looks great and can be trusted to stand the rest of time as well.

How Can I Get a Tooth-Colored Filling?

Closeup of teeth during dental treatment

After examining your teeth and determining that a filling is the best solution for your smile, the entire procedure can actually be completed over the course of one simple appointment. It will involve the following steps:

  • Your dentist will gently remove any decayed portion of your tooth and shape it to hold the filling.
  • They will apply the color-matched composite resin to your tooth to replace the lost structure.
  • Once they are satisfied with its shape, your dentist will quickly harden the material with a curing light.

After that, you’re good to go! If you believe that one of your teeth (or a few) could benefit from a tooth-colored filling, just give us a call today, and we’ll help you figure out exactly what your smile needs.