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Teeth-Whitening: Enjoy Your Bright New Smile

Woman with flawless white smileAfter spending a few extra moments in the mirror this morning, you’ve come to a conclusion: your teeth are nowhere near as white as you want them to be. Why is this the case? You brush and floss every day! In any case, what can you do to get your smile back to a beautiful white shade? At Parkfield Family Dental, we’re happy to answer all of your whitening questions and provide the solution you need.

What Causes Teeth to Discolor?

Woman drinking coffee

Everything from the foods and beverages you enjoy every day to unlucky genetics can cause teeth to gradually darken over time. Darkly colored items like coffee, wine, tea, and tobacco have pigments that can slowly stain teeth, and while regular brushing and flossing can slow this process down, it will do little to stop or reverse it. For that, you need a whitening treatment.

The Best Way to Get a Whiter Smile

Closeup of bright white smile

While there are literally tons of whitening products on store shelves right now, most of them are too weak to really provide dramatic results. In order to make your smile six, eight, or even ten shades whiter without damaging your enamel in the process, you need a professional treatment from a dentist like Dr. Tijerina.

Our team can supply you with your own customized Venus take-home kit. It will consist of a set of mouth trays specially designed to fit your teeth as well as powerful bleaching gel, one that is much stronger than anything you can buy yourself. You’ll simply need to wear the trays with the gel for about 30 minutes a day for two weeks to see complete results, though most patients notice a difference after just one session.

If you’re ready to see a bright, sparkling white smile in the mirror again, just give us a call here in Austin, TX, and we’ll make it happen.