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How Often Should You Get a Dental Checkup?

Coming to your regular dental checkups is one of the most important acts of self-care. The American Dental Association encourages patients to visit their primary dentist at least twice a year, or as often as their dentist deems necessary. In the past, maybe these visits weren’t always your favorite pastime. The team at Parkfield Premium Dental will do everything in our power to change your mind and make dental visits something you look forward to. We do this by creating a friendly atmosphere where you won’t feel like just another patient. Although you are not another number here, visiting the dentist regularly can certainly add some numbers to your bank account. Most insurance plans will cover up to 100% of the cost of at least one preventative care visit annually. Regular visits also allow us to catch issues early, which will help you avoid more complex procedures later.

Contact the professionals at Parkfield Family Dental to learn more about our Austin dental cleanings and checkups.

We are proud of our patients for being proactive about their oral health, and we want you to be proud of your smile too. Your oral health is considered an extension of your overall wellness. Keeping your oral health in good shape can prevent inflammation in other parts of the body that could leave your immune system less responsive.

In addition to improving your overall health, here are some reasons that dental cleaning visits are essential:

  • Tooth loss prevention: Tooth loss can happen for all kinds of reasons, but it usually involves poor oral hygiene and dietary habits. The reason why patients who don’t visit the dentist lose their teeth more often is mainly due to plaque buildup. When you come in for your regular dental visit, we clean the mouth to get rid of plaque that has accumulated along the gumline. If the plaque is not cleaned, the result is often tartar, cavities, and gum infections, all of which contribute to tooth loss. Another way the dentist can help prevent tooth loss is by giving you the best tips available for your individual smile. Although they might brush their teeth, those who avoid the dentist are likely unaware of the most up-to-date knowledge we have on oral hygiene, especially as it relates to their particular smile. Going to the dentist regularly will keep your teeth cleaned and your mind informed on oral hygiene!
  • Cavity prevention: Tooth loss and cavities go hand-in-hand. Cavities tend to be very small holes that are not visible to the untrained eye. Although they often cause painful sensations, they can be subtle enough that you don’t notice. However, if you leave the issue lingering long enough, we guarantee you will notice it tenfold. When you don’t treat a cavity, it will destroy more and more of your tooth. If it is left untreated long enough, it might reach the pulp and lead you to need a root canal procedure. These pesky little bacteria breeders lead to tooth decay, infections, and even tooth loss if left untreated long enough. Luckily, if caught early, cavities are a fairly easy fix. We have highly effective methods available like fillings. Visiting the dentist regularly will increase your chances of noticing a cavity yearly and getting the treatment you need before the issue worsens!
  • Brighter smile: Let’s see those pearly whites! Coming to your regular appointments will help us keep them as pearly as possible. During your appointments, we can help catch problems early before they lead to tooth decay and discoloration. If you are struggling with the shade of your smile, visiting us creates an opportunity to discuss your treatment options. We might recommend professional teeth whitening or another one of our cosmetic dentistry services.

What Happens During an Austin Teeth Cleaning?

At Parkfield Family Dental, your visit will begin with one of our friendly staff members taking your vital signs and reviewing your medical history.

Not only do we work to provide a relaxing environment, but we also take extra precautions to provide a safe environment to put you even further at ease. The rest of your visit will typically look like this:

  • Teeth cleaning: Our dental hygienist will thoroughly clean your teeth to remove any plaque and tartar to prevent it from building up and leading to greater health issues down the line.
  • Examination: Our skilled dental hygienist will then thoroughly check the oral cavity for signs of gum disease, cavities, enamel wear, and other potential issues.
  • Dental x-rays: Our advanced technologies like dental x-rays allow us to gain insight into oral health conditions that would not be visible to the naked eye. This helps us understand the progression of each patient’s oral health and more accurately diagnose them as we continue along the journey together.
  • Final examination: At this point, Dr. Tijerina will look at the x-ray images to check for signs of bone loss, fractures, or other abnormalities and signs of concern. He will also assess the jaw alignment and look for symptoms of excessive teeth grinding as well as signs of oral cancer. These assessments are a major reason that regular dental visits are so important.
  • Consultation: At the end of your visit, we will talk through our findings together and update you on the status of your oral health. If we are going to recommend any follow-up procedures, we will let you know at this point as well. Essentially, we will use this time to make sure that we are on the same page about your oral health and that you feel good about your smile.

To schedule your Austin teeth cleaning, call us today at (512) 213-6778, or get in touch with us through the contact box below.

    This company is so organized, courteous, respectful & very knowledgeable

    “To my surprise, they went above and beyond. Despite the Covid going on, they (especially the doctor) put the expedite process not by words, but by action.”

    - Francis P
    The entire staff was very considerate and efficient

    “Alisha was very thorough in her responsibilities, and also very considerate and kind during my exam and cleaning.”

    - Greg C.
    The customer service you receive when you are there is beyond

    “I love the fact that the reminders for your appointment are in abundance. For someone busy like myself it really ensures that I will make my appointment and not waste the doctor's time.”

    - Katrina G.
    The Staff Was Incredible

    “The staff was incredible — clear, helpful, and professional. They walked me through every step of my cleaning and then even made the financial breakdown for me for future visits. Highly recommend.”

    - Martin D.
    I Am Very Pleased!

    “The staff was very friendly and accommodating to my needs. They consistently checked to make sure I was comfortable and explained what they were doing throughout the cleaning. I was very pleased with my experience!”

    - Rachel S.

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